Our Curriculum

At Mulberry Academy Shoreditch our curriculum ensures that students not only have a love of learning, but are passionate about what they learn and how they learn it. We achieve this through a curriculum that is challenging, coherent, enriching, highly ambitious and fundamentally inclusive of all students.

Our curriculum provides every opportunity so that our students can be sure of:

  • The highest academic achievement
  • Encouragement of creative expression
  • A commitment to social action and the community
  • The best possible preparation for each next learning stage towards aspirational destinations

Key Stage 3

At MAS KS3 spans Year 7, 8 and the first two terms of Year 9. Students then move into their KS4 options in the summer term of year 9.

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” Chinese proverb

Throughout Key Stage 3 students encounter a broad and balanced curriculum which both inspires and supports them. Our Key Stage 3 is about students acquiring the knowledge and skills they need to flourish. The curriculum provides students with a wide range of opportunities to enrich their learning and with everything they need to succeed at Key Stage 4 and beyond. While studying an exciting blend of eighteen subjects our students:

  • Grow in cultural capital through a wide variety of learning experiences in subjects ranging from Art and Music to Drama and Latin
  • Engage with content and develop skills relevant to their own social and cultural context both locally and as global citizens
  • Develop a thirst for knowledge, a passion for learning, and an academic skillset and knowledge-base that fully prepares them for the next stage in their learning journey
  • Develop as highly competent written and verbal communicators
  • Encounter a range of enrichment opportunities that both complement learning and deepen their social awareness
  • English
  • Languages (French, Spanish and Latin)
  • Maths
  • Art
  • Science
  • Computer Studies
  • Music
  • P.E.
  • History
  • Geography
  • Food Technology
  • Design Technology
  • Drama
  • Religious Education

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4 starts in the summer term of Year 9 and ends at the end of Year 11. The core curriculum includes English, Maths, Science, RE and Core PE. Towards the end of Key Stage 3 students choose their Key Stage 4 options.

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you .” B.B King

At Mulberry Academy Shoreditch our key stage 4 curriculum is structured to allow students access to a wide range of subjects. The curriculum is designed to stretch and challenge students and ensure they acquire the knowledge and skills they need for future success. As such:

  • We are committed to the value and academic rigour of the English Baccalaureate subjects with the vast majority of our students studying both a Language and Humanity throughout key stage 4.
  • For a small number of students the school offered an alternative pathway that includes both academic and vocational options. This affords flexibility and inclusivity in allowing each individual student to follow a curriculum pathway that will best support them to succeed.
  • All students are offered a mixture of practical and academic subjects from a wide range of subjects.
  • We aim to offer the widest possible choice for progression routes post 16 whilst at the same time ensuring our students build the academic skills required to facilitate their success at key stage 5 and beyond.

Mulberry Academy Shoreditch is proud to serve a diverse, multicultural community which welcomes and celebrates over fifty ethnicities and eighteen different languages.  As such, a high quality citizenship and religious education provides students with a clear understanding , appreciation and respect of the values, faiths and cultures of others. It also develops the  knowledge and skills students need to become responsible citizens and play a full and active part in society.

Art, Business Studies, Computer Science, Drama, English, French, Geography, History, Latin, Maths, Music, Photography, Religious Education, Science, Spanish

Hospitality, Sport

Details for the upcoming options process coming soon

Key Stage 5

Years 12 and 13

We offer A Levels in a range of subjects as well as Level 3 BTECs and courses at Level 2 thus ensuring our curriculum offer is inclusive of all students and provides them with a curriculum pathway that is right for them.

“Tell me and I forget.  Teach me and I remember.  Involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin

We offer an ambitious and broad curriculum that meets the needs of each student.  Our curriculum ensures our students leave us fully prepared to compete on a global stage, contributing to society as independent, successful, skilled and motivated young adults.  The curriculum in the Sixth Form has been designed to reflect the ambitions and interests of our young people.  As such:

  • Lessons inspire and challenge students whilst also preparing them for the demands of independent learning.
  • Subjects are planned and delivered so that students are equipped with skills for future learning and employment.
  • Our curriculum is inclusive so that all students have an opportunity to move onto a pathway that is personalised to their needs and promotes progression for all.


The KS5 curriculum allows students to achieve their aspirations and encourages them to grasp all opportunities.  Whether the ambition is University or employment, we provide a personalised approach that meets the needs of all students and ensures that they develop as confident and articulate young people.

A Levels

Maths, Chemistry, Politics,
English Literature, Core Maths (AS),
Physics, Biology, Law, Psychology,
Drama, Criminology (WJEC),
Further Maths, Economics,
History, Sociology, Business,
Computer Science, Media, Geography,
PE, Biology, Spanish, RE, Film Studies (AS)

BTEC Level 3

Business (Diploma),
Health and Social Care (Ex Dip),
Applied Sciences,
IT (Certificate)

BTEC Level 2

BTEC Work Skills,
BTEC First Public Services,
GCSE English,
GCSE Maths

Information about each subject offered at Mulberry Academy Shoreditch Sixth Form

Sixth Form subject outlines

Find out more about the subjects we offer

Please see here for the subject intent statements for the subjects we offer in our curriculum. These statements set out the vision for each subject and our aims for each and every child

If you have any questions about our curriculum provision, please contact the relevant Head of Year via our dedicated parent/carer email address: parents@mulberryacademyshoreditch.org

Pastoral Team 2023/2024:

  • Head of Year 7: Jack Lynch
  • Head of Year 8: Khadean Campbell
  • Head of Year 9: Louise Coulson-West
  • Head of Year 10: Colin McCabe
  • Head of Year 11: Matiur Rahman
  • Head of Year 12: Harjit Singh
  • Head of Year 13: Olli Hibbs
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