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This page is packed with useful information about life and learning at Mulberry Academy Shoreditch Sixth Form.

We hope you will choose to join us in September 2024 in Year 12. We offer a broad range of A Level and BTEC courses and our teachers are passionate about their subjects. Their expertise and supportive ethos will help you to achieve your best. We also offer a fantastic experience, including a range of enrichment activities, lectures, trips and events all designed to ensure that your time in Sixth Form is unforgettable and that you leave us well-prepared for university, employment or apprenticeships.

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  1. Do I have a place in sixth form?
    Yes everyone is guaranteed their offered place
  2. Will I definitely be able to study the subjects I want to?
    We have provided students places on all courses, in some cases where your predicted grades do not meet course requirements, for example, Grade 6 in Science you may have to pick other courses or BTEC courses
  3.  Can I change course choices?
    Yes, just email us
  4. How do I apply for a scholarship?
    Check the sixth form website for details of what you will need to do to apply
  5. Will we be able to get a yearbook?
    We are going to get the yearbook printed to give out on results day you will get results and a copy of the year book.  If we are giving it out at the start of year 12 I will just make sure Sarah and I are giving them the same message as on here.
  6. I am interested in applying to Oxford and Cambridge, medicine and law what should I do?
    Check the google classroom regularly as we have information from the universities. Email Ms Wallace if you are interested in this please email Ms Wallace to be placed on the Pathways to Oxford/Cambridge, medicine and law
  7. What happens if I don’t pass Maths and English?
    You can take both Maths and English again in Year 12
  8. I’ve forgotten my subject choices?
    Email the sixth form team and they will let you know what you put down
  9. I didn’t apply to the Sixth Form can I apply now?
    Yes, just email us
  10. I’m not sure I still want to attend the sixth form?
    If you’d like to chat further about your post 16 options email Ms Frankum
  11. What enrichment can I sign up for?
    Photography – Art Room, Pottery – Art Room, 5 A SIDE  Powerleague, KRAV MAGA – basement/sports hall GYM Masterchef Culture Club 221 week A and 224 week B,  Film Club in 324, St John Ambulance Training, KPMG and Deutsche Bank.
  12. What support will I get with university/apprenticeship applications?
    Unifrog account, Uptree and Tutor programme.
  13. How will my progress be measured?
    Six formal assessments per academic year and mocks.
  14. How are teaching and learning different in the sixth form?
    Mini-lectures, application of real-world context, independent reading, class discussion and group assignments.

You can view and download the course outlines for each subject here.

Sixth Form

Enrichment information

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An example of the organisations you could be working with when you join Sixth Form.

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