Academic Ambition

Our Philosophy

The KS5 curriculum is tailored to meet the needs and aspirations of post-16 students at our Sixth Form; and is designed to offer a diverse range of academic and vocational pathways. At this stage, students typically can specialise in subjects of their choice, delving deeper into their areas of interest. Advanced level courses, such as A-Levels or Vocational qualifications, form the backbone of the KS5 curriculum, providing students with a rigorous and in-depth understanding of their chosen subjects.

Subject Offer






Classical Civilisation

Computer Science


Drama and Theatre


English Literature

Film Studies


Further Mathematics





Media Studies

Physical Education





Religious Studies





Applied Science


Health and Social Care


Public Services

Work Skills

Level 2 GCSE

Resit English

Resit Mathematics

Beyond traditional academic subjects, the KS5 curriculum includes opportunities for work experience, personal development, and extracurricular activities, fostering a holistic approach to education. The KS5 curriculum serves as a bridge between secondary education and the broader world, equipping students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed for success in their future endeavours.

Curriculum Pathways

Our pathways represent the diverse academic and vocational routes available to students during the final two years of secondary education. These pathways are designed to cater to the varied interests, goals, and learning styles of post-16 students.

Pathway One

Three A-Levels

Pathway Two

Combination of one A-Level and one Level 3 Vocational

Pathway Three

Level 3 Vocational 

Pathway Four

Level 2 Vocational

Teaching and Learning

Teaching and learning are characterised by a dynamic and intellectually stimulating atmosphere that fosters academic excellence and personal growth. Teachers are highly skilled, adapting their teaching strategies to challenge and inspire students with advanced academic capabilities. The KS5 curriculum is designed to delve deeply into subjects, encouraging critical thinking, independent research, and a passion for learning. Class sizes allow for personalised attention, fostering meaningful interactions between teachers and students. The emphasis is not only on mastering content but also on developing essential skills such as problem-solving, effective communication, and collaborative teamwork. Regular assessments and feedback mechanisms ensure that students are continually challenged and supported in their academic pursuits. The learning environment is characterised by a sense of community, where students are encouraged to share ideas, engage in discussions, and pursue their intellectual passions. 

Several key principles contribute to the success of our students: 

• Specialised instruction

• Research-oriented approach 

• Class sizes 

• Supportive learning environment

• Continuous assessment and feedback 

• Technology integration

16-19 Tuition Funding Statement

This statement outlines how we are using the tuition funding for Mulberry Academy Shoreditch Sixth Form.  Students who do English and Maths GCSE receive additional tuition sessions to support with catch up.  We also provide additional support for students on the vocational pathway (we offer Business, IT, Health and Social Care and Level 2 in Public Services and Work Skills) with a particular focus on students with SEND and EHCP needs in order to prepare them for the January exam series.  All sessions for the students in Maths and English and on the vocational pathway have included in school and online support.  Tuition funding has also supported our blended learning programme in terms of access to technology and providing traditional learning materials at home.  This support has been targeted at students who do Math and English GCSE resits, students on the vocational pathway and students with SEND and EHCP needs.  Additionally we have developed student and staff capability with training and CPD with the adoption of Microsoft Teams.  This year we are developing Sixth Form with training on the curriculum and ensuring that all teachers who are new to Sixth Form teaching are supported.  We have allocated laptops to all Sixth Form students to support them with their subjects and independent study sessions.  We have prioritised students who are doing vocational subjects and have SEND and EHCP needs.  We have also added support for students who are doing A Level Maths and Science to support them with the core mathematical skills they need to succeed in these subjects.  This support is also to reflect the growing numbers we have in these areas.

The impact of this funding has meant that exam outcomes in GCSE resits and vocational subjects have improved.  More students have engaged with their subject s through online learning in year 1 and accessing other materials which has led to an increase in the morale of key students. Improved attendance and outcomes as a result of this funding will mean that more students will go on to aspirational destinations post Sixth Form.

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