Student Leadership Opportunities

The Student Leadership Team holds profound importance in our Sixth Form, serving as a catalyst for positive change, fostering a sense of responsibility, and promoting student engagement. This team empowers students to take on leadership roles, providing them with opportunities to actively contribute to the school community.

The Student Leadership Team serves as a bridge between the student body and school administration, offering a platform for student voices to be heard and ideas to be implemented. Through organising events, initiatives, and community projects, the team not only enhances the overall school experience but also cultivates essential leadership, communication, and teamwork skills among its members.

Student Leadership Roles

(including but not limited to):

• Head boy

• Head girl

• Deputy head boy

• Deputy head girl

• Extra-curricular lead

• Lower school lead

• Student voice

• Diversity lead

• Fundraising coordinator

• Curriculum lead

• Well-being lead

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