Year 6 Transition

Applications for 2024

If you are moving from Year 6 to secondary school in September 2024, we encourage you to come and visit us. We appreciate that choosing a secondary school for your child is a very important decision and we hope you will choose our amazing school for their journey into Year 7 through to Sixth Form. Come along and meet Mrs Holden, our Executive Principal and our staff team who will answer any questions you may have and show you our school.

Our Open Evening is on Thursday 5th October 2023 from 4pm-6pm
and we have three weeks of Open Mornings:
Monday 18th September -Thursday 21st September
Monday 25th September-Thursday 28th September
Monday 2nd October-Thursday 5th October 2023
at 9.15am

We offer an excellent academic education and a full, enriching school experience. Our school is a caring and nurturing environment in which your child will thrive and enjoy life at Mulberry Academy Shoreditch. Our students go on to study at top universities or secure apprenticeships that prepare them for the world of work. We hope your child will join us in September 2024 and we will ensure that they feel supported and happy as they make the transition into Year 7.

Please email Cassie Pitts, the Headteacher’s PA for an appointment to visit the school. Email:

A message from the Executive Principal

Welcome to Mulberry Academy Shoreditch and the start of your 7-year journey with us.

Making the move from Year 6 to Year 7 is an exciting time, with lots of changes to prepare for; new school, new teachers, new friends, new uniform, to name but a few. 

You will be invited into Mulberry Academy Shoreditch with your child,  for a one to one meeting with a teacher from the school.  This is your chance to ask any questions you may have. We will also ask your child some questions about what they enjoy. You will be provided with lots of information about the school.

We also understand that this transition can be a little daunting too.  Our staff understand this and work closely with the primary schools to make your child’s transition as easy as possible.  The staff at Mulberry Academy Shoreditch are all here to help your child and are very friendly and welcoming as you will have seen from the video.

Please check the frequently asked questions section if you have any further questions.  If at any point you have any questions, please email my PA, Cassie Pitts:

Please also check this page for regular updates and here is a link to our newsletter which is updated on Friday. This will give you and your child a flavor of the school.

Yours faithfully
Mrs Holden

Watch our presentation to Year 6 families

Mulberry Academy Shoreditch looks forward to welcoming our new students on year 6 transition day in July.

Year 7 subjects

Q: What uniform do I need to wear? Where do I purchase the uniform? 

A:  Please find the Uniform Policy here:

You can buy the uniform here:

Bespoke school uniform items (blazer, tie, PE t-shirt, jumper, Shalwar Keemez) can be obtained from Khalsa Schoolwear or Ocean Designs Schoolwear Ltd at the addresses below.

All other uniform items can be obtained from other suppliers of your choice.

Khalsa Schoolwear, 388 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 0AH.
Ocean Designs Schoolwear Ltd, 10 Watney Market, London, E1 2PR.

Q: How do I pay for my lunch?

A: You pay for lunch using a card you will get given on your first day at school.  Then your parents will pay on ParentPay.
See more information here:

Q: What clubs can I get involved in?

A: There are lots of clubs and activities you can get involved in through subjects but also through the House System.  This year, the house system have done dodgeball competition, football competitions, Spelling Bee, University Challenge and table tennis competition.

The daily clubs change every half term.  Find some examples here:

Q: What will I get rewarded for?

A: You will get rewards for doing the right thing.  Your teachers will give you rewards for outstanding effort and hardwork.  Your Head of Year will give you rewards for 100% attendance and punctuality as well as consistent hard work in all subjects.  We will also recognise and reward work done to support our local community. Mrs Holden, the Principal, also runs a Headteacher’s Rewards Trip every half term for students who have impressed in and around the school.

Q: What will I get a detention for?

A: If you complete your work, show respect to staff and your peers, are on time to school, bring the correct equipment, complete your homework and wear the correct uniform you will not get a detention.

Q: How long are lessons?  What time does school start and end?

A: The school day starts at 8.35am.  There is breakfast club from 7.30-8am if you want to come in a bit earlier and Mr McCabe, Head of PE, sometimes runs PE clubs in the morning too.

Each lesson lasts for 55 minutes and there are 6 lessons in a day.  Lessons are often put into double lessons to give you more time in one subject.

Q: What is the House System?

A: Houses are made up of tutor groups of students from Years 7-13.  Everyone will also be in a tutor group with only people from Year 7.   Houses feel like smaller schools within our bigger School.  One week you will be in your tutor group and the next week in your house group.

Q: When will I find out which House I am in?

 A: If you already have a sibling, brother or sister, at the school then you will be in the same House as them.
If you do not have a sibling at the school, you will find out your House in a big assembly on your first day at school.
In this assembly you will also receive your House tie and your planner.

Q: What if I get lost and cannot find my classroom?

A: If you cannot find the correct classroom, there will be lots of staff around to help you, make sure you ask.  You will not get in trouble in the first couple of weeks for getting lost.  You will also be given a tour of the school in the first couple of days at school to help you get around.

Q: What if I forget something?

A: Teachers will be understanding in the early weeks of the term. If you need something important, make sure you speak to your form tutor or Head of Year.

Q: What is the school planner and how do I use it?

A: The planner is a communication tool between home and school. You will be expected to write any homework that you have in the planner. It is really important that your parent/ guardian signs the planner each week to show they have checked your homework.   The planner also includes the uniform and equipment list and the behaviour policy and lots of other important information.