On Friday 21st July the House team organised Culture Day, giving students and staff the opportunity to celebrate the different cultures that make our school such a vibrant and diverse community. The day was fun and packed full of activities to end the summer term and school year.

The assembly that kicked off culture day was fantastic. Some students spoke about how they honour their culture and why it’s essential. A Half-South Korean, half-British student in Year 8 expressed his enthusiasm for the sense of community and togetherness from his identity.

Culture, according to a student in Year 9, “is not only the traditional food, religion, and language of that nation; it also refers to our ancestors and how they celebrated it.” Easa, Year 10, School Council Chair

Culture represents the essence of our being. Multiple students have come to school dressed in cultural clothes to represent their identity. A student in Year 10 said, ‘It was phenomenal. It was interesting to see my classmates wearing something different for once’. Workshops took place later in the day, where students gained an understanding of the importance of culture. Someone said, ‘The workshop gave me an insight into other cultures and brought everyone together. It told me that culture is what gives life culture.’ Lots of teachers came dressed up as well, which the students really liked and found funny. Tonima, Year 10, Prefect

Students and staff were able to learn about many cultures during our culture day fair through a range of activities including guess the flag, henna, and drawing their own t-shirt or poster. Students could also sample a variety of foods and beverages from various cultures. Liza, Year 10, Prefect