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Here are some useful links to help students with their learning. Scroll down to find all class codes for Google Classroom and click here to scroll down even further to find links to lots of great websites to explore at home including free shows at The National Theatre and Tech We Can. We will update these links as we discover new websites that are great for learning at home so keep checking them. Examples of work that students have been doing at home can be found here.

Google Classroom

Find your classroom codes in the subjects below. Sign in to join your online Google Classroom using your school email address and network code. Enter the classrooms you are enrolled into or enrol into your class by clicking the + at the top of the screen and ‘Join Class’. For more information about how to use Google Classrooms click on the icon on the right to see a guide. 

Art, Photography, Construction, Hospitality, Tech

Class Teacher Subject Class code
Year 7 TEC Art E5aeium
Year 7 Art Art Unujcfm
Year 8 tech Art M7mxax2
Year 8 Art Art Icptvii
Year 9 photography Art qcdtxp2
Year 9 Art Art N3mvkht
Year 10C Art Art t3arzm6
Year 10D Art Art ajgwam2
Year 11 Art Art Zdenb33
Year 12 Art Art T3arzm6
10A/Co1 Mr De Souza Construction BTEC xrsixbv
11A/Co1 Mr De Souza Construction BTEC gpphmlu
10C/Ho1 Miss Howe Hospitality BTEC cc733c7
11D/Ho1 Miss Howe Hospitality BTEC haparnu
Year 9 Miss Howe Hospitality BTEC jzofy36

Business and Economics

Class Teacher Subject Class code
11D/Bu1 Ms Moreno Business wdusjyo
11D/Bu2 Mr Singh Business hrpkmex
12b/Bb1 Ms Moreno Business BTEC  yrbo32e
12C/Bb1 Ms Moreno Business BTEC  lpofao6
13b/Bb1 Mr Matsangos Business BTEC amqb45p
11D/Ec1 Mr Matsangos Economics Emtnxkt
12C/Ec1 Mr Matsangos Economics jdizxmk
12E/Ec1 Mr Matsangos Economics jdizxmk
13A/Ec1 Mr Singh Economics Oiednlq


Class Teacher Subject Class code
10C/Dr1 Ms Higdon Drama c5glqqb
10D/Dr1 Ms Higdon Drama c5glqqb
11C/Dr1 Ms Higdon Drama qauvcnp
12D/Dr1 Ms Higdon Drama O4sy346
13B/Dr1 Miss James Drama efizev6
Year 7 Drama C5534aq
Year 8 Drama vhkqn6q
9C/Dr1 Miss  James Drama ykesen4

Click here to find out more about free theatre every Thursday from the National Theatre 


Class Teacher Subject Class code
10xy/En1 Miss A Earle English myfmm64
10xy/En2 Ms H D Goodrich English fnkab2j
10xy/En3 Miss A Tarannum English h2f3bb6
10xy/En4 Miss R Islam English hy3f3ad
10xy/En5 Miss S Chowdhury English p4e2mko
10xy/En6 Ms A V Bartlett English kigov4q
11SU/En Miss A Higgins English 5osplu7
11x/En1 Ms A V Bartlett English ftbgff6
11x/En2 Miss A Earle English njkmv6v
11x/En3 Mr K Hatton English t4s5x7a
11x/En4 Miss R Islam English lwu5cma
11x/En5 Mrs A Wallace English umjho55
11x/En6 Miss S Chowdhury English 4tvmzas
Year 7 English o672m55
Year 8 English f7rusja
9A/En1 Mrs A D Fabian English u25jdlo
9xy/En1 Mr K Hatton English pnhiyo7
9xy/En2 Miss R Islam English 5je7q2e
9xy/En3 Miss A Tarannum English jlzbqna
9xy/En4 Miss A Earle English ztgfk65
9xy/En5 Ms H D Goodrich English 4zn7ia4
9xy/En6 Mrs C A Stack English lxfhn4x
6THa/Er1 Mrs C A Stack English L2 Resit hoxyp3l
12A/El1 Ms A V Bartlett English Literature ebym6sg
12C/El1 Mr K Hatton English Literature jwf7euu
13C/El1 Mrs A Wallace English Literature pwi7v4h woh2t6o

Click here to find out more about free theatre every Thursday from the National Theatre 

Geography, History and Politics

Class Teacher Subject Class code
10A/Ge1 Miss Mcrill Geography po677sd
10B/Ge1 Ms Kelly Geography 4fwgj2q
10B/Ge2 Mr Beckerton Geography wevksjq
10C/Ge1 Miss Mcrill Geography 6mshwwd
11A/Ge1 Ms Kelly Geography 3kdx26z
11B/Ge1 Miss Mcrill Geography 3kdx26z
12D/Ge1 Ms Kelly Geography zatp4hg
7x/Ge1 Mr Beckerton Geography wgdxzq4
7x/Ge2 Ms Kelly Geography yxq4yqa
7x/Ge3 Mr Beckerton Geography itqbnd7
7y/Ge1 Ms Kelly Geography wkpin3d
7y/Ge2 Mr Beckerton Geography vuapxlq
7y/Ge3 Ms Kelly Geography kvycaws
7y/Ge4 Mr Beckerton Geography gvrfewb
8x/Ge1 Mr Beckerton Geography etrofpw
8x/Ge2 Mr Stokes Geography letkxsz
8y/Ge1 Mr Beckerton Geography htvbca2
8y/Ge2 Ms Kelly Geography vnautrd
8y/Ge3 Mr Beckerton Geography 5jd4kv6
9A/Ge1 Ms Kelly Geography fp6lacd
9A/Ge2 Mr Beckerton Geography yjiuywv
9B/Ge1 Ms Kelly Geography y27v4fp
9B/Ge2 Miss Mcrill Geography mwg7veh
10A/Hi1 Mr Stokes History 24xcxjw
10A/Hi2 Miss Terry History  ggnl5xk
10B/Hi1 Miss Terry History  vglev45
11A/Hi1 Mr Stokes History emaazw2
11A/Hi2 Mr O’Flynn History ua77gxn
11B/Hi1 Mr O’Flynn History ua77gxn
11B/Hi2 Mr Stokes History ydmo3oe
12C/Hi1 Mr O’Flynn History qjsktma
13A/Hi1 Mr O’Flynn History corr22c
Year 7 History zzruymk
Year 8 History xqpl4oz
9A/Hi1 Miss Terry History  15gg2mc
9B/Hi1 Miss Van Den Bron History l5gg2mc
12D/Po1 Mr O’Flynn Polit jhl2xtj
13D/Po1 Mr O’Flynn Polit xsecm5k

Health & Social Care, Sociology and Psychology

Class Teacher Subject Class Code
11C/Py1 Miss Begum Psychology 4nnyxxp
11D/Py1 Miss Begum Psychology 4nnyxxp
12E/Py1 Miss Begum Psychology fc37pch
10D/So1 Ms Akthar Sociology 6w666nt
11C/So1 Ms Akthar Sociology rps4dqt
12B/So1 Ms Akthar Sociology dtdyg7c
13B/So1 Ms Akthar Sociology oatpykl
12b/Hs1 Ms Akthar/Ms H Begum Health&Social Care 2qdn4bb


Class Teacher Subject Class code
10C/Cp1 Ms Gillott Computer Science ottnmkv
11C/Cp1 Ms Gillott Computer Science ti3joqi
12E/Cp1 Ms Gillott Computer Science ow4tr7s
9C/Cp1 Ms Gillott Computer Science yb3lqo2
Year 7 Computer Studies pkchp5v
Year 8 Computer Studies egsuqyc
10B/Ib1 Mr Ahmed Information Technology B zkw7aln
10D/Ib1 Mr Ahmed Information Technology B rugd5zs
11B/Ib1 Mr Ahmed Information Technology B mayalsi
11C/Ib1 Mr Ahmed Information Technology B mi7ju6r
12b/Ib1 Mr Hussain Information Technology B xqaihxw
12C/Ib1 Mr Hussain Information Technology B xqaihxw
13b/Ib1 Mr Ahmed Information Technology B hzlvb3o

Languages (MFL)

Class Teacher Subject Class code
10D/Be1 Mr Ali Bengali 6avmfg6
9A/Be1 Mr Ali Bengali iql3r70-9a
10A/Fr1 Dr Crichton French yro7ge6
10A/Fr2 Mr Law French szeb7ku
11A/Fr1 Mr Law French ktnpmmp
11A/Fr2 Miss Anthony French ohe6nou
13B/Fr1 Miss Anthony French telxue2
7x/Fr1 Dr Crichton French orbidiw
7y/Fr1 Mr Calderon Tamayo French srmlldn
7y/Fr2 7y/Fr3 Miss Anthony French edqa4lq
8x/Fr1 Miss Anthony French rb3mchz
8y/Fr1 Mr Calderon Tamayo French hxoy56y
9A/Fr1 Miss Anthony French ymmcfzn
9B/Fr1 Dr Crichton French rxw2eoz
10D/La1 Mr Law Latin yzgskiw
11D/La1 Mr Law Latin ezsp6ro
7y/La1 Miss Earle Latin nygo5oj
7y/La2 Mr Law Latin njjuuwg
7y/La3 Mr Law Latin 6r6wraj
7y/La4 Mr Law Latin qushasi
8x/La1 Mr Calderon Tamayo Latin u4zc4km
8x/La2 Mr Calderon Tamayo Latin sgsquof
9C/La1 Mr Law Latin ztlyild
10A/Sp1 Mr Robertshaw Spanish d7k6aaq
10B/Sp1 Mr Robertshaw Spanish d7k6aaq
10B/Sp2 Miss Boyer Spanish zuuhh3g
10B/Sp3 Mr Calderon Tamayo Spanish xnqw7xo
11A/Sp1 Dr Crichton Spanish 3apupss
11B/Sp1 Miss Boyer Spanish jkapcro
11B/Sp2 Mr Robertshaw Spanish 4cmxfxv
11B/Sp3 Mr Calderon Tamayo Spanish 25e5up3
13D/Sp1 Mr Robertshaw Spanish rkb5bol
7x/Sp1 Mr Robertshaw Spanish tfg4mac
7x/Sp2 Mr Calderon Tamayo Spanish na2uavz
7y/Sp1 Miss Boyer Spanish egmh7bb
7y/Sp2 Mr Calderon Tamayo Spanish k66ziid
8x/Sp1 Mr Robertshaw Spanish 27v2pgn
8y/Sp1 Dr Crichton Spanish 4zjzeja
8y/Sp2 Miss Anthony Spanish ccm5skf
9A/Sp1 Mr Calderon Tamayo Spanish 4jxogr3
9A/Sp2 Mr Robertshaw Spanish tiw6i4b
9B/Sp1 Miss Boyer Spanish 6od6zls
9B/Sp2 Miss Anthony Spanish 25mbz70


Class Teacher Subject Class code
10xy/Ma1 Mr Darkwah Maths 6em2v5c
10xy/Ma2 Mr  Chu Maths 7ufqmai
10xy/Ma3 Mr Proddaturi Maths 53deakc
10xy/Ma4 Mr Webb Maths qxu4mcy
10xy/Ma5 Mr Rahman Maths ymngqwz
10xy/Ma6 Miss Medina Maths 3biwgbp
11x/Ma1 Mr Webb Maths m2ffcro
11x/Ma2 Miss Flood Maths qs34djy
11x/Ma3 Mr Rahman Maths hxc66nm
11x/Ma4 Miss Flood Maths kmp7hkk
11x/Ma5 Mr S Chu Maths r3q2q3f
11x/Ma6 Miss Medina Maths w7huqym
12A/Ma1 Ms Gillott Maths pjloeqj
12B/Ma1 Mr Webb Maths pjloeqj
13D/Ma1 Mr Webb Maths grsspyt
13E/Ma1 Miss Flood Maths grsspyt
7x/Ma1 Mr Rahman Maths iivcjo5
7x/Ma2 Ms Gillott Maths no27zsn
7x/Ma3 Miss Medina Maths 35k4qn7
7y/Ma1 Mr Proddaturi Maths cr5fvww
7y/Ma2 Mr Darkwah Maths 77rwlq4
7y/Ma3 Mr Chu Maths vsvjqja
7y/Ma4 Mr Webb Maths 7l2gym5
8x/Ma1 Mr Chu Maths tjfn7jm
8x/Ma2 Miss Medina Maths wkunizg
8y/Ma1 Mr Proddaturi Maths okc2nah
8y/Ma2 Mr Rahman Maths vg3o3yv
8y/Ma3 Mr Darkwah Maths gan5ufn
9A/Ma1 Mrs Fabian Maths llckjkp
9xy/Ma1 Mr Webb Maths u6i522l
9xy/Ma2 Mr Proddaturi Maths hpv4dl5
9xy/Ma3 Mr Rahman Maths rxde6bu
9xy/Ma4 Mr Chu Maths efea7zk
9xy/Ma5 Mr Darkwah Maths fgs3jmy
9xy/Ma6 Miss Medina Maths dopqdu2
6THa/Mr1 Mr Proddaturi Maths L2 Resit vjotg5w
6THa/Mr2 Miss Medina Maths L2 Resit kynv5fq


Class Teacher Subject Class code
10C/Mu1 Mr Feasey Music rxyjziz
Year 11 gcse Mr Feasey Music 3ypuajr
Year 11 BTEC Mr Feasey Music zmqnbk3
7x/Mu1 Mr Feasey Music ttindb6
7x/Mu2 Mr Feasey Music wiks5gk
7x/Mu3 Mr Feasey Music aiakycj
7y/Mu1 Mr Feasey Music h2hnab6
7y/Mu2 Mr Feasey Music reyr7nf
7y/Mu3 Mr Feasey Music 2anfksn
7y/Mu4 Mr Feasey Music sbtnodh
8x/Mu1 Mr Feasey Music jx4ads4
8x/Mu2 Mr Feasey Music 4vmovnc
8y/Mu1 Mr Feasey Music 3fekzb2
8y/Mu2 Mr Feasey Music nqb2yzq
8y/Mu3 Mr Feasey Music qt2nv3q


Class Teacher Class code
10D/Pb1 Mrs Seabrook fhkgosk
11C/Pb1 Mrs Miller m42rtsw
9C/Pb1 Mrs Miller 6liqime
9C/Pb2 Mr McCabe y5ox7lx
11C/Pg1 Mr McCabe 5qrmegj


Class Teacher Subject Class code
Year 7 Religious Education a376udr
Year 8 Religious Education jleaym5
10C/Re1 Miss Millett Religious Education GCSE epztcuj
12E/Re1 Miss Millett Religious Education GCSE 2gbqepa
9x/Re1 Ms Aktar Religious Education GCSE fktbvjv
9x/Re2 Miss Millett Religious Education GCSE 36iglzz
9x/Re3 Mr Stokes Religious Education GCSE akqqd2f
9y/Re1 Ms Aktar Religious Education GCSE trtwkch
9y/Re2 Ms Akthar Religious Education GCSE niduapq
9y/Re3 Miss Millett Religious Education GCSE akqqd2f


Class Teacher Subject Class code
10x/Bi1 Ms Msanide Biology z2s2pvg
11x/Bi1 Mr Hussain Biology evlhf7a
12C/Bi1 Mr Hussain Biology obwx56g
13B/Bi1 Mr Hussain Biology gr6f4ox
9x/Bi1 Mr Hussain Biology 7j36ies
10x/Ch1 Mrs Scales Chemistry ev2432r
11x/Ch1 Miss Hunnisett Chemistry rhxtfjj
12B/Ch1 Miss Hunnisett Chemistry 6uyeiza
13A/Ch1 Mrs Scales Chemistry cahzr62
9x/Ch1 Miss Hunnisett Chemistry h5rdfjl
10x/Ph1 Mr Kennedy Physics c3y6ztq
11x/Ph1 Miss Scott Physics tfibqtu
12D/Ph1 Mr Murphy Physics pe7se4z
13E/Ph1 Mr Kennedy Physics nkmdmsp
9x/Ph1 Mr Kennedy Physics q55swwj
10x/Sc1 Science jsqowbb itjt5ki 3grgdse
10x/Sc2 Science s6wwgvc ho4mnrb 2soonu6
10y/Sc1 Science eatj4n7 wlplt2p 4e72gl3
10y/Sc2 Science 24hhzvq fzftu7r y7gf2eb
10y/Sc3 Science cfvpil5 zcndu6s k7wil43
11x/Sc1 Science senpffp u2fec52 xcavbmy
11x/Sc2 Science 77ufp5d ldtelew yr42r2e
11x/Sc3 Science wluezv6 xz6cxpx qpgifwk
11x/Sc4 Science sojqtve lcv3dxr 72dhvdi
11x/Sc5 Science ox374m7 vf6u5yw b4itne5
7x/Sc1 Miss Hunnisett Science wnlllq2
7x/Sc2 Mr Murphy Science bpllj5e
7x/Sc3 Mr Vaghela Science jjde6ig
7y/Sc1 Mr Norton-Whyte Science plcbywz
7y/Sc2 Mr Norton-Whyte Science l5v25sw
7y/Sc3 Mr Kennedy Science itupkus
7y/Sc4 Ms Msanide Science 5nflxtt
8x/Sc1 Ms Sitch Science migvgvm
8x/Sc2 Mr Vaghela Science juvqa5n
8y/Sc1 Mr Vaghela Science jkh4ljy
8y/Sc2 Miss Scott Science rypiie3
8y/Sc3 Mr Murphy Science 7rsfkxf
9x/Sc1 Science gkbklmo 2bpg47d 2hthyny
9x/Sc2 Science eiahpnb iwsp5sb xouv7l5
9y/Sc1 Science eu5qkfl dawdd3r j7gfog2
9y/Sc2 Science vjyglaj 56oqppr 56oqppr
9y/Sc3 Science jnuzbi7 4pkistf zea5l3e

Year Group classrooms

Year 7: nbuoa3t

Year 8: oxgbqvn

Year 9: mvb25pz

Year 10: team74a

Year 11: hhzjcbm

House classrooms

Tate ym7rat7
Tower f2fozou
Barbican 7rxcclw
Trafalgar 4cbm7fs
Thames uiaqwrt
Globe 5zj3igc