On Monday 26th February 2018 a group of Year 12 students were invited to attend an Aim2Attain workshop at the Barclays Head office in Canary Wharf.

Aim2Attain is a programme delivered in partnership with Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership and consists of a series of four workshops. The objective is to encourage students to consider their post-18 options by providing them with an insight into the alternatives to University. The students met two business advisors who work at Barclays as Client Server Managers, serving high-end clients such as Gucci, BT and Prada. The students also had the opportunity to speak to an apprentice who spoke about their own experiences at Barclays whilst also undertaking a degree course paid for by Barclays.

“Speaking to the apprentice about her personal experiences, I was able to reflect on my chosen career path and to see the advantages of doing an Apprenticeship. I now feel that I am not just restricted to university and I have other options I could consider” – Tauhida Zaman