On Tuesday 10th July, the academy’s Parent Forum hosted a training workshop for parents/carers to help build resilience in their children.  According to Public Health England, building resilience in our children can increase achievement, supports them through transitions and encourages healthy behaviours.

During the session, parents/carers explored the concept of ‘resilience’ and how it connects to children’s mental wellbeing.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and it was great to see parents/carers listening to one another and sharing personal strategies that have helped their own children ‘bounce back’ when faced with a problem.

The Parent Forum looks forward to hosting more events in the future.  Suggestions so far include revision workshops and sharing more strategies, so that parents/carers can help their children to succeed at school.

“I learned how to encourage my daughter to improve herself.”

“The most useful part of the workshop was listening to other experiences.”

“I learned about the broader contexts and concrete strategies.”

“There was comfort in sharing problems across other families and cultures.”

“We should listen to our children and support them at every stage.”

Feedback from the workshop