Online Learning questions or troubleshooting

Learning at Home

It’s with delight we present Microsoft Teams our virtual platform where students can access homework, lesson resources and enrichment materials.

Microsoft Teams is an excellent way to aid learning, through Teams

  • Students will be able to email/chat to their teachers directly through Microsoft Teams
  • Homework stored in a central area and students can upload feedback
  • Students can access lesson resources to reinforce learning
  • Links to relevant websites
  • Video lessons through Teams
  • Subject enrichment sites within class Teams

All students in the Academy are provided with an email which allows them to access Teams. Explore our training videos to help you supporting your son/daughter in the use of Microsoft Teams.

How to log into Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams can be accessed in the following ways, from any device with an internet connection.

Through a browser

In your browser, go to

When prompted, enter your school email and password to log in

Install the app (pc/Mac)

In your browser, go to

Click ‘download app’ and install as usual

Install the app (phone/tablet)

On a phone, open the Play Store or App Store and search for Microsoft Teams

Download the app and install as usual

Student Email

Click here to log into your student email

Although the portal is named Mulberry School for Girls, this is the correct portal for you to login.

Once you have finished using your email account you must close all browser windows and quit the browser application, otherwise the next user of this computer may be able to access your account. For the same reason, do not enable any browser feature which re-opens recently-viewed pages on startup. Always log out once you have finished using a school computer and do not tell anyone your password.

A student guide

Click here to see how you can use Teams to learn from home.

Safety Online

The internet is a wonderful resources but it’s crucial that it’s used properly. Young people need guidance and support on how to use the internet safely. MAS equips students with knowledge of e safety through curriculum time in both computer science lessons and personal, health, social, emotional and economic education sessions. Assemblies are delivered to students focusing on e safety and our Safer Schools Police Officer is always available to support students and parents and carers with regards to e safety education. We run e safety coffee mornings for parents to come in and learn about how to support young people in using the internet safely.

As a parent or carer it’s vital that you have regular conversations with your son or daughter about what he or she is doing on line. Ask them questions about what web sites they are visiting, do they know what to do if they come across something inappropriate on line, where would they go of help? Do they know how to report online abuse? Do they have appropriate privacy setting on all of the IT devices they are using (lap top, mobile phone, tablet)?

There are some very useful resources on line that can support you and your child in using the internet safely. If you have any concerns and require support please come along to one of the academy’s internet safety coffee mornings or contact the academy and ask to speak to a member of staff or PC Lambert.

Childnet for parents and carers

Childnet Know IT All for parents and carers

Facebook Family Safety Centre: Provides useful information and tips for parents and carers, teenagers and educators. These pages do not require a Facebook account in order to view them.

Remote education provision: information for parents

Please click here to view information for parents and carers about our remote education provision.

If you are having technical problems or lose your login please contact