Year 7 students have been writing a range of poetry, taking inspiration from the styles of some of the poetry’s greats – Maya Angelou, Pablo Neruda and Sylvia Plath

So far, they have written inspirational poems, odes celebrating ordinary things, and personification list poems.  Maymuna and Ezinne won £10 book tokens for their poems and all students’ poems have been entered into the Live Canon Children’s Poetry Competition.

Read some of their poems below:


My mum told me to keep a diary,
So I did,
Day 1: watching the scaffolding
Day 2: watching the scaffolding,
Day 3: watching the scaffolding, listening to the neighbours argue in russian,
Day 4: watching the scaffolding,
Day 5: watching the scaffolding,
Day 6: watching the scaffolding, listening to the neighbours argue in russian,
Day 7: смотреть леса/smotret’ lesa(watching the scaffolding)
I now now a lot about scaffolding, and I can speak fluent russian,
Thanks mum!

By Mabel Windram

Ode to the Apples

So juicy, so moist
As red as the sun
As sweet as a sherbet
As round as a ball,
Oh apples how we adore you

I love every fruit
But apples to me are Paradise
We wish you were as big as a planet
But it’s too good to be true
Oh apples how we adore you

As fresh as water,
Oh how you make me drool so much
Oh your fiery sun-like skin we crave
We love you in our apple pies
You’re so tasty you make us cry

Your natural sugars
So sweet, so nice
Oh apples why do you have to be so small
I love cutting you into little pieces
You taste MUCH better than Reece’s
Everyone craves you even my nieces

By Fahim Hussain

Five Things About the Rose

1. The Rose prances around in her eye-catching, silk, scarlet dress gracefully.

2. She despises The Lillie and The Daisy and is envious and resentful towards them, as she is anxious that they will take her crown.

3. She is fond of her fans, which follow her just like her sweet, exotic, fragrant smell.

4. Her crimson red hair flows in the wind, her golden eyes blind people with their beauty and her delicate smile always blooms with glee.

5. The Rose is still the lovers’ favourite.

By Samantha Ezemah

Five thoughts of a backpack

1. Paper is their favourite feast.

2. Their least? Your textbooks – the same weight as a beast

3. Pencil poke, rulers break – those all give him a stomach ache

4. They try to go on a diet but it’s impossible, maybe during the holidays

5. But…whatever you feed them they’ll try their best since you’re the one sitting the test

By Roman Ghairat