cw6tqdixuaauehk cw6tgnbxcaan0yi cw6tyluwgaakl2kGreen Spring Academy were invited to a celebration of the Duke of Edinburgh scheme which recognised Tower Hamlets as the fastest growing area in the UK for new participants.

A selection of students who have completed their bronze or silver awards from years 10 to 13 attended. The students represented the school and the Duke of Edinburgh scheme with pride and demonstrated great maturity as they had the opportunity to meet and talk to Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex.  The Prince was impressed with our student’s efforts and spoke for a while with our group listening intently about their experiences of the Duke of Edinburgh award. The Prince then completed an archery activity alongside our students. A memorable moment for those involved!

We are extremely proud to have become the highest achieving school for Duke of Edinburgh in Tower Hamlets in 2015-2016. A huge congratulations to all those students who have contributed to this success and have achieved their award.