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On Wednesday 24th May, four Sixth Form students decided to run a bake sale stall and fundraise for the Make a Wish Foundation.  The charity was chosen because of the extensive work it undertakes to make wishes come true for children who are terminally ill. The fundraising activity was part of the students’ BTEC Business Level 3 course, which involved creating and managing an event.  The students demonstrated that they were able to combine their creativity and organisational skills to produce a successful, memorable event for a good cause. They baked cookies, muffins, cakes and biscuits, which were sold at break and lunch times to students and staff.

Elijah Marcus Marshall said: “This was a really good opportunity to raise money for a charity that would provide for children in need and make their wishes come true.”

Abdulahi Yussuf said: “This event was really successful because of the preparation and commitment of students and I am very happy that the money raised will go to the chosen charity.”

They raised over £200 which is an excellent achievement.

The Make a Wish Foundation sent this letter of thanks and certificate to the academy and the students who organised the fundraising event.