Dear students,

I hope that you are all getting on well this week and continue to stay safe.  Following government announcements we are hoping to hold taster days before the end of the year. These taster days will celebrate the work of Year 11 and get your prepared for the study skills and learning styles of sixth form. The taster days will also be a great way for you to mix with your peers both who attending Mulberry or other schools and enjoy being part of the Academy community again.

This week you will have received a letter from Ms McRill with an outline of all the google classroom codes for all subject areas. I hope you are beginning to make the best out of the resources and they are giving you an insight into future study. There are lots of online courses which you can also log onto for each subject area, which we are posting this week.

Finally, look out for our enrichment booklet this week which will outline the activities we will be running on Wednesday afternoons. More than ever it is important to not only have academic skills but life long skills such as first aid, a language or developing as a team player on a sporting team or creative group. On that note we have been fortunate enough to secure a grant to begin a table tennis and badminton club. The club will begin initially with external coaches but we will be looking for Year 12 students who the Academy will pay to have taking the Table Tennis England qualification course.

Remember to regularly check our sixth form page you can find out information related to all our courses and the Scholarship for £500 which all students are eligible to apply for.

Keep well, keep safe and keep in touch

Kind regards

Ms Wallace