Our extended pastoral team offers outstanding care, guidance and support to our students. The team is a highly effective unit, supporting all students, closely monitoring academic progress and acting swiftly to implement necessary interventions.

The strong pastoral systems are led by Key Stage Co-ordinators. Each year group is run by a Head of Year and they are supported by an Assistant Head of Year and their tutor team.  The Head of Year has responsibility for the year group on a day to day basis, monitoring all aspects of a student’s experience including attendance, behaviour and academic progress.  Tutors meet with their Tutor Group every day and are the first and key provider of student support.

In addition to this and working in conjunction with the pastoral team,  the academy has highly effective support with the SENCO and Inclusion team, a Police Liaison Officer and an Attendance and Welfare team. We also work with a number of external agencies to ensure that the pastoral support is effective and takes into account the needs of every student.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding your child’s welfare or conduct they should be addressed to the Tutor or Head of Year in the first instance. Please bear in mind that when you call, staff may be teaching and are unlikely to be able to see you immediately.  It is therefore best to telephone and make an appointment if you need to meet with anyone from the year team. Please call 020 7920 7900 or contact the relevant Head of Year via our dedicated parent/carer email address:

Pastoral Team 2019/2020:

  • Head of Year 7: Colin McCabe
  • Head of Year 8: Annalie James
  • Head of Year 9: Karl Hatton
  • Head of Year 10: Jessica Taylor
  • Head of Year 11: Gabriella McRill
  • Head of Year 12: Pani Matsangos
  • Head of Year 13: Angela Wallace

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