On Monday 7th October, another major event took place at Mulberry Academy Shoreditch. The school played host to a high profile celebration event held by First Give, the charity that focuses on providing engaging social action opportunities for secondary school students.  The event was part of the charity’s #FirstFive celebrations as they reached their first five year’s working alongside schools.

Hundres of guests met with students from different schools from across the country, including Didcot, Bradford, Barry Island and Cardiff. The students pitched their social action stalls to raise money for their chosen charities and competed with each other for best stall of the night. As host school, Mulberry Academy Shoreditch were privileged to run two stalls on the night.  Read more about our work with First Give in our previous post.

Mulberry Academy Shoreditch has a long history of participating in social action activities because we believe that young people should benefit from meaningful engagement with their local communities. It’s therefore, no surprise that our partnership with First Give over the last few years has gone from strength to strength. The partnership has led to our students acquiring important life skills such as confidence building, taking the initiative, harnessing ambition and learning how to be empathetic towards each other and those around them; these are life skills that young people need to learn.

We are proud of our partnership with First Give and even more delighted that we can call the charity true friends of this school.